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Haneke's remake of Funny Games is shot by shot

FunnyGames_Poster.jpgWe knew about the remake of Michael Haneke's Funny Games was in the works and that it was to be directed by Haneke himself, but did you know he's doing a shot by shot remake of the film? You might wonder what the point is of that, I find myself doing just that.

Last year we heard that Michael Haneke was remaking his film Funny Games and that he had Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Michael Pitt onboard, now though we hear the news from a Producer that it's a complete remake in every sense of the word.

"It is literally a shot-for-shot remake...so we haven't changed the ending or anything like that...We actually had blueprints from the house that was used in the original, and we went on a soundstage and built a set that matched those proportions exactly...You'll probably find that the look will be different; the compositions probably won't be changed much, but since Darius Khondji (SE7EN) shot it and he's such a great cinematographer, the images are going to be a little more lush, where the original is really dark-looking."

That's the quote from Linda Moran through AITH, and it isn't great. Why remake it shot for shot? In her comment the only possibility is to make it less "dark looking" and you can infer that she also means that it will be shot in English and therefore remove the subtitles.

So brighten it up and get rid of the subtitles. I'll see the original thanks. Mind you, there is perhaps another reason, if there's more budget perhaps Haneke can make more of the film, or do things he didn't want to in the original. However I don't know if he found he was limited in that film. Unless that's the reason I can't see the point myself.



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