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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

OrderofthePheonix.jpgA new UK trailer has appeared for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and it has some brand new footage which once again makes it look dark, dangerous, and filled with spectacular effects. Of course we're only seeing a few moments of footage, but still.

The new trailer can be seen over at /Film [Flash:Embed] and although it looks very small you can hit the icon second from the right at the bottom of the window which will make it full screen.

Come on Potter fans, this has to be one of the best trailers yet. In fact if we were to take a call right now I'd say Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is shaping up to be the best Potter film yet.



Ooooh, that is a good trailer! Though I will say they do make it look as if this Potter film will be all action and that could through some people off. Not to say there isn't action in the book, but most of it happens at the end. There is so much story in the 5th book and I know they'll cut a lot of it out, but if they keep the feel of the story then it's going to be a dark tale indeed.

Would be nice to see the sights of London (especially at night!) riding a Nimbus 2000, heck, a Harry Potter London tour should be considered as a tourist attraction!


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