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Hawke joins different vampire tale

EthanHawke.jpgEthan Hawke isn't a name I would readily associated with a vampire film, until that is you hear the concept. A concept that is perhaps different enough to make it something interesting.

Daybreakers is set in a world where vampires rule and humans are scarce. In 2017 a plague has changed most of the world population into vampiric creatures, and now humans are facing extinction. Vampires are now catching humans and farming them like cattle, but even then stocks are dwindling. However a group of vampires find out some secret that could save them all...

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter and does sound rather interesting. Peter and Michael Spierig wrote the script and will also direct with Lionsgate releasing the film in the UK and US.

It's quite intriguing that Ethan Hawke is taking up such a role which is a departure from his usual work, does this mean there is really something special about this film?



Vampires and Ethan Hawke in the same movie? Yeah, I'm in.


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