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He Was a Quiet Man gets international distribution

HeWasAQuietMan.jpgI've talked about He Was A Quiet Man before, the cool cast of Christian Slater, William H. Macy, and Elisha Cuthbert which boasted a really interesting story and a great character role for Slater, now the news is that it has been picked up for international distribution and will be officially launched at Cannes.

The story comes from Variety. Here's what I had on the film before, and if you head back to the previous story you'll find some footage of both Elisha Cuthbert and Christian Slater talking about the film and working together:

Slater plays a middle aged man who is pretty much ignored in his humdrum job, and because of the way he's treated he finds he is carrying an anger and hatred for those around him. Close to exploding and starting to loose his control, he starts taking a gun to work, but it's not him that's the one to lose it. Another man opens fire one day and without thinking he pulls the gun and kills the shooter. Suddenly, he's the hero. In the shooting a girl is wounded, played by Cuthbert, and as he keeps an eye on her at the hospital he finds that his new found recognition is having an even worse affect on him.

Sounds really interesting, and when you see the way Slater looks in the film (check out that poster) you'll be amazed. He's really taking himself back from the forefront for this film and it looks like he might be relying on his acting rather than his fame, something that wouldn't do his career a lot of harm.

I think it's a shame we've lost him from leading roles for so long, and perhaps this more acting orientated role in a smaller film might be the start of a return for him? I certainly hope so.



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