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Incendiary gets UK distribution

Incendiary.jpgSharon Maguire's film Incendiary has had the UK rights purchased. This is the film which tells the story of the aftermath of a suicide bombing in London and the effect it has on those concerned.

The film stars Ewan McGregor, Michelle Williams and Matthew Macfadyen and is currently filming.

I'm not really surprised by this news from Variety, not just because of the controversial topic, but because of the stars involved in the film. I've never read the novel Incendiary by Chris Cleave, yet the film project has a distinct feel to it.

Considering the talent it looks much more than a film which would exploit the feelings after the actual London suicide bombings and should investigate more the impact on a human level. I am very hopeful for this film and I'm eager to hear more from it. Are you, or is it just too controversial and too close to home for some?



It isn't too contraversial for me at all. It's not based on a real event so there is plenty of latitude to explore possible emotions and events without patronising actual victims....IMO. I hope it will be an engaging drama.

Principal photography wrapped yesterday, btw.


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