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Is Blanchett Indiana Jones' villain?

CateBlanchett.jpgThe rumours are everywhere now regarding Indiana Jones IV. We're hearing about specific scenes, complete plot details, and now we're discussing who could be the villain of the piece, and that is perhaps one of the more positive stories to come out of the film so far.

Forget aliens and all the other rubbish for the moment, but think of a new threat, a Russian threat, perhaps a female threat too. Could that be the real villain of the piece, and could that role be played by Cate Blanchett?

Well the rumours and guesswork are that this is what might well be happening. Blanchett could play the villain against Indiana Jones as she works with the Russians against him and whatever the plot turns out to be.

IESB has the story through Moviehole that looks through all the current rumours and adds their stamp of truth or bluff to each, and surprisingly just about all are true so far. The aliens, Russians, Area 51, crystal skulls, South American temples, Karen Allen, a son, and then they look at the villain of the piece.

Their sources reveal to them that Cate Blanchett will be the villain. She'll be working with the Russians to do whatever it is they are trying to do in Indiana Jones IV.

I think that sounds like it would hold true, after all Blanchett is a pretty top class actress and although she could be joining the film for fun alone, I think that she'd love to play an all out Indy villain, I mean who wouldn't? It's not often that you would get offered something that free and iconic.

I'm all for it, I think the idea of the ever sexy Blanchett as a Russian baddie is something that makes her even more appealing in my eyes...is that wrong?! Let's not forget though, there's always Ray Winstone, he was rumoured to be playing on Indy's side, but he's always great as a baddie...



I'm really not sure what your antipathy towards the idea of aliens in Indy IV is, Richard. I know you've said you could accept the earlier films' more out-there ideas because they were based on historical myths, but let's face it: the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail might be historical myths, but the Nazis' fascination with those things is a far more recent one (slightly more so, in fact, than the alien myth). And frankly aliens make about as much sense as anything in Temple of Doom.


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