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Jackson as The Spirit's Octopus?

TheSpirit.jpgSamuel L. Jackson looks like he might be playing the villain in Frank Miller's film The Spirit, adapted from his own comic book.

The news comes from Cannes where Frank Miller said that Samuel L. Jackson is his first choice to play the character of the evil genius who knows who The Spirit really is - sounds a little like Jackson's character from Unbreakable.

The Spirit is about a young cop called Denny Colt who is murdered in the line of duty, luckily though he is reborn as the masked hero who becomes known as the Spirit.

According to Miller's comments through Yahoo Movies, Jackson will play the character called The Octocpus, a lab assistant who reinvents himself as a a psychotic nightmare who kills anyone who sees his face. He does sound a little mean doesn't he?

I'm not actually sure this is such a good choice. If the character is supposed to really be the opposite of the violent and psychotic killer, i.e. a meekly mannered lab assistant, then Jackson strikes me as bit too much of a strong character both in personality and appearance.

That said, I don't really know that much about The Spirit, so perhaps someone who is familiar with the comic book character can enlighten us all.



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