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Jackson talks Dambusters and Halo

TheDamBusters.jpgPeter Jackson has been talking about his remake of the British classic World War II film The Dam Busters, as well as his involvement in the Halo film and his hopes that it will still be made.

Of the Dambusters film he talks about how he went after Stephen Fry for the scriptwriter, mainly after he sat through three hours of the BAFTA Awards and found that Fry was keeping them engaged and laughing throughout. Since they wanted an English writer who knew about the war, they couldn't think of someone better than Stephen Fry, an already accomplished writer, stage performer and actor, as well as a very witty and incisive man.

However, the most interesting news for me from the Stuff.co.nz article (being a bit of a plane buff from my younger days) is that they are halfway through building a fill size replica of a Lancaster bomber. Now although that does show great dedication, part of me is wondering why they couldn't take an exisiting Lancaster and spend some money on that. Wouldn't it help preserve it at the same time?

I'm not having a big dig at the film, I just hoped that the production of this film would also mean the saving of some of these amazing craft. Instead Weta have been hard at work developing digital Lancasters performing raids on virtual dams, obviously this was just too difficult and dangerous to recreate!

On the subject of Halo Peter Jackson remains hopeful in that when the Halo 3 game is released they expect renewed interest in the film from 20th Century Fox and Universal. However he and Fran Walsh are adamant that they won't do the project unless Neill Blomkamp is directing.

Both projects are epic in scale, and while I think Halo would be amazing to see, I really am more interested in the reality and the stronger story from Dambusters. Perhaps Halo has just had its time and has passed it by?



A replica makes it a *lot* easier to get interior shots b/c it can be designed with them in mind. Also, it can be lighter weight, making it easier to bounce it on hydraulics, transport, etc.

That's true, it definitely makes it easier for filming, I'm just a tad nostalgic and think that it would be wonderful to see this film help restore and keep some of the most amazing planes which are in danger of disappearing forever.


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