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James Ellroy life on film

JamesEllroy.jpgJames Ellroy's next story on screen will be one that is a bit closer to home, that of his own life. My Dark Places tells the story of his life growing up and how that influenced his love for crime writing.

The book was written in 1996 and tells how James Ellroy grew up, but perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the story is how he investigated his own mother's murder. She was killed when he was ten and the crime remained unsolved, later he investigated the crime himself. This, and a present his father gave him of a book called The Badge by Jack Webb, brought his love of crime alive.

You can read more about Ellroy over on Wikipedia.

According to the story from Reuters in Yahoo Movies, the producers are looking at several Directors for the project with Tom Kalin being one of the names mentioned.

Although there's a script already for the adaptation, it has been around for some time as the production company have owned the rights for about seven years. The script in existence is from Jan Oxenberg.

I would have thought it would have been interesting to see if Ellroy would write the adaptation for film. Still, this would make an interesting film, the subject matter could make for an interesting crime film in itself.



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