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John Rambo script reviewed online

Rambo.jpgThe Sylvester Stallone written John Rambo script has been leaked and someone managed to get a hold of it and post his thoughts online, although there's not an indepth review, there's a good lead as to where the film is going to go.

According to Conan Stevens he was able to get a copy of the script as he has a few friends acting in the film - he's an action actor himself who is trying to get much bigger parts, and I don't mean muscles! Here's what he says about the script.

The story itself is in typical 1980's action movie style with reluctant hero, who happens to be incredibley deadly with a range of weapons and typical story line progression with no big surprises - just action mixed with a little suspense...

...River boats, enemy soldiers, explosions, tanks, action it is all there...

...Being a Sylvester Stallone movie I am sure it will be a hit, if it was the same story acted by someone else I doubt they could pull it off realistically...

...the ending was rather different to what I was expecting but it ties everything up nicely.

You can read everything he has to say over on his own blog, and see a couple of pictures of the front pages of the script to prove it's the genuine article.

I think it all sounds promising, remembering that scripts change a lot on their way to the big screen, this might be an earlier version. However there's not really much to Rambo anyway and this sounds like it's heading towards what John Rambo should be about, and Rambo just isn't Rambo without Sylvester Stallone.



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