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John Rambo three minute trailer online

Rambo.jpgI'm amazed that our first look at John Rambo is online already, and although it's supposedly a rough cut, it looks and feels stunning. Honestly I'm not exaggerating there's a powerful feeling from the trailer and a great story from just the three minutes that are shown.

Now my friend Dave who's visiting thought that the font used at the end was fantastic. That shows how little he knows about films.

As for the rest of the trailer I'm more excited than Dave is about the font. The feeling is pretty powerful, it really is catching the world weariness of the character and then, when he's really into the action, how so easy it is for him. What is perhaps the most surprising is the level of violence and blood in it, it's not over the top though, it all seems real world.

That's something that does strike me about this footage, it's suggesting that this Rambo is going to be heavy on the emotional aspects and on the real world deaths. I really hope both are true. I was just saying in the Weekend Films to stalk about the TV showing of Rambo: First Blood about how the series went downhill.

That first film had all the emotional strength of the character, the rejected soldier who had given so much for his country struggling with what he had seen and what his country had made him into. After that first film it focused on the action.

Now John Rambo looks set to have it all. You can see for yourself directly [MOV] from AICN through Obsessed With Film. What do you think? Do they really need to do anymore work on this trailer? I think it's almost done.



Wow. Thanks for this post. There is no way in hell we will see a theatrical version of that trailer. It is way too bloody and violent.

As for the font. I have three words: The A- Team

Well this trailer certainly allows me to think:

a) this will be good (me, like many others have had doubts)
b) it's a definite 18 certificate .. none of that 12A/PG13 crap
c) i'm looking forward to it.

I'm glad it both feels and looks like an action film from the 80's, with the no bullsh*t violence.

Oh how I've missed them.

Welcom back John Rambo.


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