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Joker's face revealed in The Dark Knight

TheJoker.jpgThe advertising campaign for The Dark Knight has been kicking into high gear as we see our first glimpses of Harvey Dent and of how The Joker is going to look.

You can see a small image of the Joker here, but to really see what his face it about and what the new, darker look into the Joker is going to be like, you should head to the Joker's rip off site of Harvey Dent's campaign site.

Let me explain. Earlier in the week the single page for The Dark Knight site went live, then followed a site that showed a poster for Harvey Dent for District Attorney. Then another site appeared with the same poster, but wait a few seconds and you could enter your email address, a special code, and you would reveal a small cluster of pixels on the image. As time went on the more addresses entered, the more pixels that were revealed, and before long it was apparent this was the face of the Joker.

It's amazing how quickly it has been revealed in the last few hours, until the image is almost complete. Head over there to clear the last few away, and also to see the effects on his face. I think it looks really good, and the immense scarring on the face give a more real world look to the character. Or is it too real for The Dark Knight, this new Batman story?



I think this looks good. Not great. but adequate.

now, as to how I can be happy with the look of the joker being merely adequate, but do you notice the expression...or lack of expression thereof...on the joker's face?

I heard Ledger got the part based purely on his mannerisms. that's just what I heard, but can you imagine that face but with the joker's sadistic facial scowl?

the joker always had this wide eyed, almost childish look about him, with this impossible grin which was accentuated by his apparent glee. we didnt' see any emotion to this face.

you know when you see him on screen with emotion, this make up job will flip you out for real

sorry for double posting.

new development...and a mighty fine one as well.
if you go to the joker rippoff page now, it says "page not found"...

...but try right clicking and "select all"ing?

slick move

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