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Karl Marx biographical film

RaoulPeck.jpgRaoul Peck is set to direct a film about Karl Marx, from a young man to the point at which the Communist Manifesto was published.

It's an interesting figure in history to be looking into, and especially an interesting time of life to chose for the historical great. I would have thought that perhaps his active time in politics would have been the best, however according to the story in The Hollywood Reporter the story will...

cover the period 1830-1848, including Marx's time in Paris before being expelled to Brussels and culminating with the publication of the Communist Manifesto...The story also will encompass Marx's love for his aristocratic wife Jenny von Westphalen, and his friendship with Friedrich Engels, with whom he co-authored the Manifesto.

An interesting character indeed, and it might provide some insight into Communism itself and the people behind it. Still, I can't help but think the years after this manifesto would have been the more interesting and politically relevant.



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