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Ketchum's The Girl Next Door trailer online

TheGirlNextDoor.jpgIn Januray I wrote about An American Crime starring Catherine Keener and Ellen Page which told the terrible story of Sylvia Likens, little did I know there was another film being made about her life called The Girl Next Door, and that the film was so close that the trailer had just come online.

Sylvia Likens was a girl who was subjected to prolonged torture, mutilation and murder by Gertrude Baniszewski, her own children and some children from the local neighbourhood. Read those Wikipedia articles at your own peril, some parts are rather upsetting.

The Girl Next Door is a film from Gregory Wilson adapted from Jack Ketchum's novel which fictionalises the actual events in 1960's American suburbia.

The trailer looks a little rough and doesn't gel the story together, it seems to turn more to the relationship between the children revealing some of the terror at the end of the trailer. However both this and An American Crime tell a frightening story of just what humans can be capable of and how the justice system offers nothing of the sort. Most of all it tells the horrifying story of poor Sylvia Likens.

You can see the trailer over at The Girl Next Door official site [QT] through Bloody Disgusting, and we'll wait to see how the bigger budget An American Crime fares in comparison.



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