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Kilmer in Conspiracy

ValKilmer.jpgVal Kilmer is a great actor. I've recently seen him at two extremes of his career, Déjà vu and Top Secret, and both were enjoyable performances, really! However I think some of his best have been in thrillers rather than comedies, although Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Filmstalker review) is a point to debate there.

The rumour is that Val Kilmer will be headlining a film called Conspiracy, which sees him as a special operations marine returning from Iraq and finding his best friend missing with all traces of his life erased. From there the mystery and conspiracy begins to reveal itself.

The story from Rope of Silicon sounds pretty good, and will see Kilmer get into a strong thriller. He showed a great performance in Déjà vu (Filmstalker review), if only he was used more in the film. Yes he's had some stinkers in the past, but he is a superb actor given a good script, he is plagued by tremendously bad decisions though.



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