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Knightley to play Princess Diana?

KeiraKnightley.jpgRumour time as it is claimed that Keira Knightley will be asked to play Princess Diana in a film based on her life, adapted from the book Diana and the Paparazzi.

The book by Glenn Harvey and Mark Saunders is yet to be released, but is being touted around Cannes, and is actively being bid for.

Producer Quentin Reynolds is one of those bidders and thinks that the film will be more popular than The Queen. According to WENN through Starpulse News Blog he said:

Already the word in Hollywood is 'get Knightley'. It's a story that has everything: pathos, tragedy, comedy, adventure...and Princess Diana. For every pound The Queen makes, a film about Diana will make ten.

You know I really do think that's a very off hand comment and there has been no real approach to Keira Knightley, especially since no one has even bought the rights yet. However she will be a natural choice for the role don't you think? Anyone else better for the role?

Actually, the better question to ask is do you think there should be a Diana film? With all the controversy that's hitting the media about photos appearing on a Channel 4 documentary about her crash, you might wonder if a film will be accepted well by both public and the people in the book.



if they have to do this then please get a female that can act to do it. Knightley is useless and looks like a boy? harsh? ok, maybe a bit.

But how about somebody like Rosamund Pike?

Pablo that's a superb option, she has the class and the acting ability too.

Yes, your comments on Knightley are harsh!


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