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Knocked Up red band trailer

KatherineHeigl.jpgThe first trailer I saw for Knocked Up didn't really excite me, for me it seemed to rely on a single joke. Well after seeing the "red band" trailer (yes this one really is different) I'm more interested.

The humour seems more evenly spread through more than just a few wise crack responses, and it does give a feel that the film is looking into relationships, adulthood, and some more serious topics, but with a light hearted slant. It does feel a lot better.

The simple take is that on a one night stand a gorgeous, career driven woman sleeps with a...well, a bit of a loser, gets pregnant, and then they decide to get together for the sake of the baby. I'm sure we'll probably see them fall in love on the way and hit a few blips in the relationship, but apart from the standard line it looks like it might have some moments.

It stars Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, and is directed by Judd Apatow...sounds familiar doesn't it?

You can see the trailer over at /Film [Flash:Embed]. I'm getting more interested, we'll see if the coming material keeps up this standard.



I thought both this and the regular trailer were pretty funny.

I've really looking forward to this.

There is a funny BabyMaker site for the movie, check it out:



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