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Laurie joins Night Watch aka The Night Watchman

HughLaurie.jpgThe Night Watchman has had a title change as it greets a new cast member, the non-hobbling Hugh Laurie.

Apparently the title change means that it clashes with another Fox Searchlight release, that of the very good Russian film Night Watch (Filmstalker review). Strange that they should do this, but then there are a few years between them so that's not so bad. If you haven't caught up by now it means that The Night Watchman becomes Night Watch.

Most interesting though is the addition of Hugh Laurie from House fame. He will join the cast that already includes Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker and Chris Evans. With direction from David Ayer, this is looking like quite a strong film.

The story comes from Variety through Rope of Silicon.

As said before, the plot is about Reeves character who starts drinking heavily after his wife dies. He's then implicated in a murder of a fellow officer and goes up against his old mentor played by Whitaker. Evans plays the cop engaged to investigate the murder and track down the killer.

It sounds a good choice for Hugh Laurie as he'll no doubt struggle to break off the House character in the US.



I'm really looking forward to this but I'm not sure I'm up for the name change. True, most people will have no idea that it shares it's name with the Russian film but still, it sort of rubs me the wrong way.


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