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L'Instant Avant

Film Two Stars

A very short film, and an entirely gruesome one. There's nothing here that would attract anything like a story, instead it's a lesson in special effects and totally gross out moments. However in front of a horror crowd it works a treat and gets groans and laughs in equal measures.

It defines a whole new use for coat hangers too. As Adele, the Head of the Dead By Dawn Horror Festival said, "it's what Blue Peter should have done with all those left over coat hangers".

I see what the intent was here, to try and pull out the effect on the audience, to stretch that moment just before the horrific pay off, and make the audience feel something strong, that moment dragged out as they try to imagine what could possibly happen next.

So for that it's a great experiment and it works very well, but as a film, even a short, it's just that, an experiment.

Disgusting, effective, and shows some great effects work. There's nothing to the film apart from the visuals and a voiceover that's incredibly hard to hear.

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Dead by Dawn Horror Festival



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