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Lost star hints at X-Men Gambit

JoshHolloway.jpgMore rumour today, and this one harks back to the idea of a full X-Men 4 film, something I doubt we're going to see. However Josh Holloway, the much lusted after Lost star, has been talking about his brush with Gambit.

Now his comments seem to being taken to mean that he's been talked to again about the role, but as I read them I don't think they mean anything other than he was once approached. See what you think:

"We had a meeting and they wanted me to play Gambit, the card dealer character, they thought I'd be perfect for the part. We'll see."

That's what he said to TV Hits Magazine through ShowbizSpy and Superhero Hype.

What do you think then? I'm pretty sure this was a reference to the old comment, or the old comment itself. Gambit won't be appearing in either Magneto or Wolverine I'm sure, and we aren't going to see a continuation of the big budget ensemble cast that we've seen to date. Perhaps there's budgetry room for a young cast though, the one Zak Penn is writing.



Surely this is just a ploy for free publicity? I think that maybe he has had enough of the lost series(i knowi have) and is hoping to get out and do something different.

He is halfway there with his pretty boy looks(jealous i am) and his acting isn't too bad either.

A couple of breaks and maybe, just maybe.


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