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Lucas says Connery still not signed for Indiana Jones IV

IndianaJones.jpgGeorge Lucas has confirmed that the current script includes the character of Indiana Jones' father previously played by Sean Connery. Wow. For those of you just fallen out of your seats, where have you been? The filmmakers have been talking about trying to get him cast, so it's no leap to think that this means his character is in the script!

However the real heart of this story that comes from Reuters through /Film is that Sean Connery still hasn't agreed to play the role and that they'll just rewrite it if he says no:

"We have a script with him in it," he said. "If he doesn't do it, we'll do a quick rewrite."

Well consider that to mean either another long delay if Connery says no or that the role in the script is not integral to the story and could mean all his scenes could be cut out easily.

If it's the first scenario then you can expect the script to go back to the writing stages and bounce around the bigwigs until they receive approval once again, that could take quite some time.

If George Lucas can easily cut him out of the script then there's an indication as to why Connery might be reluctant to take the part up, the role just isn't that good.

You know the more I hear the more I think it might be a good idea to leave the series alone and not do a fourth Indiana Jones film.



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