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Macdonald talks Eagle of the Ninth

KevinMacdonald.jpgThere's official word out about Kevin Macdonald directing The Eagle of the Ninth, you'll remember I wrote about how he wanted to bring this tale to the big screen, now it seems to be happening and Macdonald and the Producer have been talking about the story.

The story, fleshed out a bit more, is set in 2nd Century A.D. and has a wounded Roman soldier and his Celtic slave travelling on a perilous journey into the far north of Britain (Scotland) to find out what happened to the famous Ninth Legion, a group of elite Roman soldiers who went into Scotland fifteen years earlier and never returned. The father of the soldier was the General of the Legion, and the disappearance left a permanent mark on the family as well as that of the Roman Legions.

Of Kevin Macdonald's involvement, the Producer Duncan Kenworthy says through Variety:

"I really wanted the audience to feel they are there, that it's very real. It's a journey into the heart of darkness, two men heading into the wilderness of the Highlands. It's wet, bloody, violent and uncomfortable, and who better to do that than a documentary director?"

Macdonald also speaks about the film, and reiterates the influence he wants to bring to this story:

"There has been this glut of huge-scale sword and sandal movies, but we want to do this in a very gutsy, visceral way. I see it as a Western -- it's 'The Searchers' meets 'Apocalypto' set in Scotland, where the landscape is the dominant production value."

I think this has a distinct epic feel to it, and yet it also would benefit from Macdonald's documentary experience making it very real and less focussed on all out action. It's also an incredibly intriguing story, and hopefully one we will see turn to Scotland and England for filming, something I would hope Macdonald would be very keen on.

Oh, and of course there's not to mention the fact that this story will show the Roman soldiers getting beaten about by the Scottish hordes. I kind of like that bit too! The good news here is that it looks like it's closer to really happening.



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