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Machete and Trailer Trash say Grindhouse lives

EliRoth.jpgAlthough you would think that anything from Grindhouse is dead, it seems that the power of the people behind it might be greater than the incredibly poor performance in the US box office. According to reports Eli Roth is set to create a film of fake trailers, while the Machete film gets a greenlight to move forward into production.

Eli Roth wants to create an entire film of the fake trailers after making one for the Grindhouse feature. His idea is for a film called Trailer Trash which will be packed with fake film trailers, and that he'll create fake trailers for every genre, and that like the Grindhouse fake trailers, each will be made by different Directors.

The story comes from Collider through Moviehole

Another story comes through that Danny Trejo, who played Machete in the fake trailer section in Grindhouse, has confirmed that the film has been given the go ahead, despite the Grindhouse US showing, and it's going to be a theatrical release, not the rumoured direct to DVD.

According to IESB through Moviehole he says:

"We're going to do Machete next, and Bob and Harvey Weinstein have already said, 'Yeah, we're gotta do it'...They're going to make it a movie - because of the audience response"

Well that is good news, and would make sense as it would be a single film and based on a character the internet has been buzzing about since we saw the fake trailer. Plus the Weistein Company seems to firmly believe that the fault of the Grindhouse failure lies solely in the single, lengthy release. Perhaps time may prove something different. In the meantime we're looking at Danny Trejo in a feature release of Machete.



I'm actually not a huge Roth fan (Thanksgiving wasn't my favourite of the fake trailers) but I think this Trailer Trash idea is interesting and could be fun. As for Machete...let's get on with it! I want to see this movie!

I'm on board for the Machette movie! I love Danny Trejo and look forward to seeing this fake trailer turned into a real movie!


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