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Madsen in another supernatural thriller

VirginiaMadsen.jpgVirginia Madsen is two things. Stunningly alluring and a fantastic actress, and yet she's forever being given weak roles, or stronger supporting roles, I never feel like she's getting a big slice of the action. Now she's set to star in a supernatural thriller called A Haunting in Connecticut.

The film will tell a story based on real events of a family who are forced to move to a house closer to the clinic where their son is being treated for cancer. Unfortunately they find that the house they have rented is built on a former mortuary. The mortuary, of course, has a dark and chequered past which is having an affect on the boy and their lives.

The blurb comes from Yahoo News.

Whenever I think of Virgina Madsen now I see that shot of her sitting at the bar in Sideways (Filmstalker review), where her character is relaxing after her shift. It's a beautiful shot of her and it just sits with me. As does her performance and that of all the other actors in that film. Yet Madsen never seems to get that ultimate push forward.

In The Number 23 (Filmstalker review) she was close, but her role was so under used, and the film was pretty poorly handled. I really want to see her in a strong leading role as she is such a natural actress. She makes it all seem so effortless.



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