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Madsen says Sin City 2 in doubt

MichaelMadsen.jpgMichael Madsen has been talking about his latest film Boarding Gate, which you can see a few clips for on Filmstalker. While he was speaking about that film he mentioned both Sin City 2 and Inglorious Bastards.

He confirmed that Quentin Tarantino is writing Inglorious Bastards, although he's hard at work on the Death Proof promotion. He does make it sound like the film is going ahead, and indeed Tarantino himself as said that he will be writing the script while he's doing the promotion.

Then he mentioned Sin City 2 over at the Premiere interview, and that didn't seem so positive. Madsen is suggesting that Sin City 2 is being harmed by the failure of Grindhouse, and perhaps the second film just might not be made.

They haven't shot it yet. I don't know if they ever will. I am not sure [about] the franchise. I think the Grindhouse thing didn't kind of work out... I don't know what effect that is going to have on making Sin City 2…

…I haven't seen the script for Sin City 2. I don't know if they are gonna make it. I hope they do. And if and when they do, I will be in it.

Of course this goes against what Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez have been saying, but these guys have also been piling on projects to their slate, and nothing really concrete has been coming out about the film. Add in those rumours about it not being made, even before the Grindhouse issues, and then you've got some doubt about it being made.

Still, don't get too excited, there's just no forward moving news, not any news to say it is being dropped…yet.



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