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Mann and DiCaprio take on old studios

MichaelMann.jpgIt's amazing to think that Hollywood is willing to have films made about its shady past. Michael Mann is set to make such a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The film will follow a Private Detective hired by Studios to clean up their star scandals and keep them out of the papers, is that so far from the truth? Well it seems that studios are eager to buy the film and get it on track.

According to Variety the backdrop of the film is on the MGM lot during the production of Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz, and already New Line have offered US$100 million for the projected budget of US$120 million. Not too far off.

Despite Michael Mann's recent troubles over Miami Vice (Filmstalker review) and less than expected returns, I think we'll see this attract the money, and not just because the super hot Leonardo DiCaprio is onboard, but because Mann can still command the screen, even if sometimes the audience can't get it.



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