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Mann to direct Depp in Russian spy story?

JohnnyDepp.jpgAccording to a report from Cannes Johnny Depp may be playing the murdered Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko, the man who was poisoned in London last year using radioactive material, and Michael Mann will be directing him.

I'm a little confused about this as previous stories we heard had Johnny Depp producing the film of a book by Alan Cowell, the New York times London bereau head, while Michael Mann was announced a short time later as producing the film based on the novel Death of a Dissident written by Litvinenko's widow.

So I'm not really sure where this story fits in, but according to The Guardian, Marina Litvinenko talked at Cannes about how Michael Mann is being tipped as a possible director, and although it's not a direct quote the story says that she stated Johnny Depp is being lined up to play him.

I think somewhere the stories have been pulled together. Either the news was broken incorrectly and Depp is starring under Mann's direction, or the two stories have been mixed up in Cannes. Sure Depp is playing the man, but in a different film of his life.



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