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Mao Tse-Tung the Hollywood hero?

There's a bizarre story online that suggests that there's going to be a film that is a positive look at the life of the Chinese dictator Mao Tse-Tung.

Human rights groups allege that millions died under his regime, but despite this Stephen North is planning a film called Challenging Heaven, a biographical film of his life.

"This is a very positive portrayal of Mao and we are hoping that once the script clears the approval process, China will come up with services and support."

There's no real information other than that announcement from the Contact Music story, but it does sound a rather controversial view of an extremely controversial political figure.

I don't know enough of the history of his rule to really comment on the idea of the film, but it seems that it is perhaps just a little too one sided? Can anyone who knows more of the history than I do comment on the idea?



Like Stalin, Mao is a frank embarrassment to left-leaning types like myself because he gives right-wingers a bloody big stick with which to beat leftists over the head while screaming "COMMUNISM DOESN'T WORK!!!!!" in tones loud enough to drown out the rather weak protests from the opposition that whatever Stalin and Mao did didn't have a lot to do with authentic communism. Despite the dictatorship of the proletariat being one of Marxist theory's most vaunted features, the proletariat had bugger all to do with Communist Russia and Communist China; Stalin's cult of personality in the USSR speaks for itself, and Mao's circumvention of the Communist Party of China through the Cultural Revolution when the CPC was trying to sideline him does much the same.

So the notion of a positive Hollywood (at least that's what I'm assuming it'll be) biopic of Mao makes little or no sense to me that I can see. I know that China has Most Favoured Trading Nation status (or whatever they call it now) with the US, which they obviously never did in Mao's lifetime, but that still doesn't work as an explanation. Hollywood glorifying a demonstrable tyrant? What's that supposed to tell us about La-La_Land's current political mindset in the late Bush era?


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