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McDonalds to diet Shrek

Shrek.jpgShrek is being used for promotional images over at McDonald's once again, but this time there's something a little different. The character is being used to promote the less fattening products on the menu as well as encouraging children to exercise more.

Now part of me finds this story from Yahoo News very amusing, part is annoyed that the character is being used for this kind of marketing, and another part seems rather pleased that Shrek is promoting some positive things with kids, exercise and eating.

Going back to that middle comment, I'm slightly torn that they are using this deliberately oversized character against the on screen persona to advertise the healthier options. Is it giving a slightly mixed message as we see him on screen guzzling away and overweight, while slimming down and eating healthily on the advertising campaign? Is it keeping in with the character?

I don't think it really harms him that much, but there is a side to it. If he's going to change for McDonalds, shouldn't he change on screen?

Still, it's a good move for the burger joint, and perhaps for kids too, but it does touch on that interesting topic, how much do films influence us, especially children, and for once this is in a positive way.



ouch! maccers must be feeling the pinch of people buying more and more healthy options.

I think its a great initiative and i don't think the kids will put two and two together(large hungry cartoon character eating healthy food), i think they will just recognise shrek and then ask for that shirt/toy/food/drink etc....


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