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McDowell reveals two more Halloween films

MalcolmMcDowell.jpgDon't get too excited but Malcolm McDowell has revealed that he has signed for three Halloween films.

The reason I say don't get too excited is that this is often standard with contracts for films, tie the stars into three films and see how the first film goes. If it is a success, everyone wants to do another, and there's a desire out there, then firm up that placeholder on everyone's contracts that secures a time slot in their busy working schedule, and get the film made. Often it's that simple.

Saying that, and you have permission to get excited again if you want, it could really be that they are considering making two more Halloween films after this one.

According to Malcolm McDowell on Rotten Tomatoes through Coming Soon:

"I've signed for three," said Malcolm McDowell, who is playing Dr. Loomis. "How about that? They obviously think it's going to be a big hit."

Three more, and possibly with Rob Zombie at the helm? Personally I would love to see them swap Directors every film, that might give us some unique twists to the series. What do you think? Will there be more and do you want to see them? Should it be with Zombie Directing?



If it's a success, which I hope it is, then you know the studio will want more. As for Rob Zombie directing the next I would say that is very unlikely.
On his MySpace Halloween Movie page he took some time in the blog section to answer some questions written by fans. One of them was the question of him directing another Halloween movie and he said he wouldn't.
Might his feelings change if Halloween turns out to be a huge success? I doubt it. I think this is a one time thing and he'll move on to his next project whether it's film or another album. Heck, he still has to finish up El Superbeasto!

rob needs to do more [expletive removed - Richard] movies bcuz i loved this and micheal myers is my favorite so yes there should be more and zombie as the director hell yes


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