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McQuarrie gets scriptwriters organised

ChristopherMcQuarrie.jpgChristopher McQuarrie is a top class scriptwriter, his scriptwriting career may be short, but there's a top class list of scripts sitting ready to go, and of course he's been responsible for that top class The Usual Suspects.

Now he's using that power, along with a number of other scriptwriters, to create a company who will write scripts specifically for stars who have passionate projects that they want to see developed.

Without going through big studios, the company will marry up stars own projects with their scriptwriters, and will produce speculative scripts. They'll produce them at a reduced rate until the film gets made, and at that point they'll receive their full fees and a gross percentage. At the same time they will retain a key right on the script, they are guaranteed that the script won't be rewritten unless they agree to it.

It all appears to be a superb deal that's going to mean projects will get through the development process without too much interference from producers and money men interested in turning a profit.

On a downside it might mean that they'll find it harder to find the funding for the projects, because they won't necessarily be bending to the will of the producers.

The scriptwriters in the company are, from Variety:

Christopher McQuarrie ("Valkyrie"), Erik Jendresen ("Aloft"), John Lee Hancock ("The Rookie"), John Ridley ("Undercover Brother"), Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal ("Losing Isaiah"), Graham Yost ("Speed"), Howard A. Rodman ("Stompanato"), Stephen Chbosky ("Rent"), Barbara Benedek ("Sabrina"), E. Max Frye ("Something Wild"), Ron Nyswaner ("The Painted Veil") and one writer who declined to be named.

McQuarrie talks about the project with enthusiasm.

"The existing system is designed to keep the writer and the star apart; there is always interference from the studio and the producer…This creates a personal level of involvement for both parties…

…What we have here is an opportunity for writers and actors to jam and make some good movies."

It does sound like a great idea to get projects developed without being interfered by the people interested in turning a profit, but is that a good thing? Will it end up with multiple projects that aren't sellable, or if they are sold they don't make money?

The good news is that there is already a project on their slate, they won't say much about it or who the star is, but it could be the opening of the floodgates.



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