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McQuarrie tackles World War I

ChristopherMcQuarrie.jpgChristopher McQuarrie is an excellent writer, of that there's no doubt, now after writing the World War II story Valkyrie for Bryan Singer he's turning to the story of World War I in a drama called No Man's Land.

The story, according to Variety, will feature three fictional characters to try and explain the reasons why the European powers chose which sides to fight for in the first World War, and how the first use of new technology such as tanks, machine guns, and other war mongering devices created incredible atrocities.

Christopher McQaurrie is quoted in Variety as saying:

"The First World War has been effectively depicted, but I've never seen it adequately explained...WWII and every war since then are simply aftershocks of that Great War...WWI was the birth of modern warfare"

Apparently there will be a number of the greatest battles shown in the film, one of which will be the horrendous Battle of the Somme where over 19,000 British troops were massacred.

I think that Hollywood has concentrated too long on the second World War and there are some amazing stories to be told from the first, as well as some that should be told so as not to be forgotten. It seems to me that we are in danger of forgetting some of the sacrifices and terrible events of our past - indeed it seems that we are trying to hide too many that are happening today - and perhaps this kind of film will go some way to make sure we don't.



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