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Meat Loaf documentary in production

Meatloaf.jpgA Meat Loaf documentary is in the works. The film will focus on the star as he prepares for an eighteen month worldwide tour and will be a behind the scenes look at the preparations. It's not yet sure if it will feature the work during the tour, but it's definitely the pre-work.

The film will come from Atlas Media who are well known for producing nonfiction programmes for cable networks having just set up a division to create theatrical documentaries. Atlas have said, through the Variety story, that distribution rights have already been bought in the US by Voom HD with Atlas retaining the worldwide territories, Universal have the DVD rights. That means the film does look set for a big release.

Documentaries like this always go down well, as long as there are some strong insights to be had into the people behind the stage character. I suspect with Meat Loaf there most definitely will be, he doesn't strike me as an unassuming and weak willed man. This could provide for some fascinating fly on the wall material.

However this isn't the Meat Loaf film that has been talked about before, I'd still be much more interested in seeing that story get off the ground, a film made of the entire Bat Out of Hell story.



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