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Melbourne gangland Macbeth trailer

Macbeth.jpgThere's a new trailer out for Macbeth, the updated version of the classic Shakespearean tragedy by Geoffrey Wright, the Director of Romper Stomper that we first heard about last year.

This version is modern day Australia, ganglands of Melbourne to be exact, and with guns. It stars Sam Worthington, Victoria Hill and Lachy Hulme and looks like it might be heading for a proper release.

There are versions of Macbeth coming out continuously, a testament to how strong the story still is, and with that there's another due out this year, this one is adapted so that the events take place with modern day London gangs. Or rather slightly in the future.

The trailer can be seen over at UK IGN [Flash:Embed:WMV:41.7Mb:QT:49.2Mb], downloaded or viewed in page, and it looks strong.

There was a mixed bag of reviews about this film when it first came out, but the idea of Geoffrey Wright directing a modern day, and Australian based, Macbeth is just too alluring for me. I'm hopeful for a release so we can get to see it.



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