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Miller says Sin City 2 likely

FrankMiller.jpgFrank Miller has come back on the recent comments from Michael Madsen that he doesn't know if Sin City 2 is going to get made, and frankly his comments aren't that comforting.

He says that it is still likely to happen, the script is written, but now there are other films in the way:

"Sin City 2 is still likely to happen, just not right away...The script is written and Robert [Rodriguez] and I are raring to go, but it looks like I'm going to be doing 'The Spirit' first and Robert's going to be doing 'Barbarella' first."

The quote comes from /Film who take this as a positive so that the film is delayed but not dead.

Well I'm not so sure. If Sin City was still the big property that it was, how come the two directors could just go off and make two other films beforehand, with one being another remake, and this one of a film that probably just can't be done.

In a way I can understand Frank Miller's project of The Spirit, because all his property is hot in Hollywood just now, but then it isn't really a proven area, an old pistol toting superhero. Robert Rodriguez's Barbarella film is even stranger. To think that these two delayed Sin City 2, and from nowhere as well because before these films both directors were saying Sin City 2 was next.

Strange, and not a good sign, and Miller is still saying "likely to happen"...



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