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Mirren in Isreal-Palestine drama

HelenMirren.jpgHelen Mirren is set to court more controversy in a new film she'll be starring in which is set to have the backdrop of the Isreal-Palestine conflict.

The film will look at a Jewish woman living on the Gaza Strip whose daughter is shot and killed. Not too controversial so far until the story reveals that she was dating a Palestinian man at the time. It's almost certainly going to involve this man in the reasons why she was killed, and it will probably twist it in a direction we don't expect.

Why do I expect twists? Well the story comes from Director Philip Martin and Writer Frank Deasy who are currently working on the final Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren, and that series is tension, twists, and reality at every turn.

The story from The Times through CHUD is reporting that the film, called Gaza, will actually be shot in Jordan as the crew's safety cannot be guaranteed on actual location.



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