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Murphy signs for Fantasy Island

FantasyIsland.jpgI think it's fair to say Eddie Murphy is happily saying goodbye to his career, and the news that he is definitely joining a Fantasy Island film is compounding that decision.

It seems Eddie Murphy will be pulling the old "multiple roles" routine again and appearing as most people in Fantasy Island, perhaps even the plane. I guess they'll slice him in half (CGI wise of course) for the role of Tattoo as well. It all seems a little silly and quite tired.

Of course it isn't new news from Yahoo Movies, we heard this back in March. Now it's confirmed through the traditional sources though, so we can expect him taking up the roles in a film version of the television series that ran from 1978 to 1984. Ricardo Montalban played Mr. Roarke who ran the island where just about anything you wanted could be made to happen, and on the way you would learn a very important moral lesson.

Do you think Murphy might learn one from this film?



Oh god. I'll be avoiding this like the plague.

-sigh- This makes me sad. It's absolutely awful idead and I can't think of anything good coming of it.


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