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My Blueberry Nights review

MyBlueberryNights.jpgI just read a review of Wong Kar Wai's My Blueberry Nights, and it reflects what I thought about the trailer, and it's depressing reading indeed.

Mentioned in the opening statement is the terribly cutting comment...

"...horribly written, woefully banal..."

You couldn't really expect it to get any worse. Except it does. The first observation in the review doesn't look good at all, and it is obvious that Jeffery Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere just didn't like it.

That early "uh-oh" comes when Jones, playing a lady named Elizabeth with a certain doleful sincerity, is on the phone with her soon-to-be-ex. She asks him, "Are you seeing somebody else?" and then two seconds later she inquires "who is she?" In other words, the boyfriend (whose voice we don't hear) has quickly admit- ted to infidelity...

...So right away it's obvious that the human behavior and particularly the human dialogue will not have the cast of reality.

In a film that is supposed to concentrate heavily on characters this would mark a big warning sign for me too, but remember I haven't seen Wong Kar Wai's My Blueberry Nights. I'm not going to go too far into the review as there are some reveals in there that might be better off not told, but here are a few salient points.

Jude Law plays the same self assured, wouldn't trust your daughter with him, kind of character. The scripting seems to be the main problem, and in particular the dreadful dialogue. He brings up major points with the acting, even from the big names that are usually so well regarded, and also cuts into the editing and cinematography.

All in all it is fair to say that Wells thought it was rubbish.



I trust any review from Wells like I trust a hole in the head. Our tastes couldn't be further apart, and I don't quite follow is logic or reasoning most of the time...

Move Along, Nothing to see here.

I probably won't be seeing the film anyway because I just don't really like Wong's films that much. But Wells' review definitely doesn't make it sound good, and some of the other reviews GreenCine have been collecting aren't much more positive. Looks great, apparently, but that's about as far as it seems to go for a lot of the reviewers there.


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