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Nazi's on the dark side of the moon

Here's another interesting story idea from a new script, this one from Finnish Director Timo Vuorensola. It's a dark comedy about Nazi's on the dark side of the moon. Vuorensola is the man who wrote and directed the film Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning.

I seem to remember a story in some trashy UK newspaper that tried to say that Hitler had flown a plane onto the dark side of the moon and was living there...do you think this might be related?

Variety has the story about the film Iron Sky, and the filmmaker said that a concept trailer will be online on Thursday.

"Finns may seem like gruff and humorless folk, but many outsiders miss the vast treasury of sarcastic and morbid humor that is the cornerstone of our culture..."

Well it certainly sounds true in this case. What a bizarre story, but I'm definitely on board with just those few short words, Nazi's on the dark side of the moon.



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