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Neil Marshall's Doomsday plot revealed

NeilMarshall.jpgSome of the plot of Neil Marshall's Doomsday has been revealed by the very man himself, and it's sounding pretty interesting. Mind you, even it sounded awful I'd be salivating at the thought of another Marshall film.

According to the story in The Scotsman here's how the story is setup:

Scotland has been cut off from the outside world for about 30 years, following the outbreak of a deadly virus, caused by genetic tampering.

Hadrian's Wall has been rebuilt to keep the Scots out of England. But the Scots have a cure for the virus, and when England is threatened by a new outbreak, a crack military team goes over the wall to get it, led by Nip/Tuck's Rhona Mitra.

Sounds a great concept so far, and Neil Marshall, the Writer and Director, has more details:

"She goes through from the wall up to Glasgow and then farther north. The farther north she gets, the more back in time she goes. It's like a Heart Of Darkness journey. There's a Kurtz character running a feudal society and living in a castle. He used to be a scientist - he's the guy who found the cure and he's taken on this kind of God-like stature up there."

That Kurtz character is the one played by the recently announced Micheal McDowell. Apparently Marshall hoped to see if Sean Connery would take the role, however he wouldn't have set foot on a GB£15 million film.

The saddest part of the story though is that this marks another film set in Scotland that is shooting outside due to cost issues. The filming is in South Africa and Cape Town instead of Scotland. However they are heading to Glasgow this week and Blackness Castle for some scenes. Still, that's disappointing news.

Regardless I am really excited to hear more about this film. After The Descent (Filmstalker review) and Dog Soldiers, how could you not be eager to hear more of Doomsday?



Sounds a little too much like a 28 Days Later meets Resident Evil meets Braveheart, but we'll see.

It'll be interesting to see how South Africa subs in for Scotland though, haha.


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