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Nutcracker adaptation gains cast

JohnTurturro.jpgThe film version of Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker is lining up to be an epic production with a big cast, crew and budget.

The fantasy musical is already lined up with a US$65million budget and the Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky. Now word from Variety is that the film, entitled Nutcracker - The Untold Story, will star John Turturro, Nathan Lane and Elle Fanning. Chris Solimine, who has worked with the Director before, is screenwriting. Tim Rice will be writing lyrics with Kevin Phipps will be working on visual and set production - Phipps prevoiously worked on Troy, Underworld, V for Vendetta, and many other visually rich films.

So all is set for a great production. Andrei Konchalovsky said of the film:

"I have been trying to make this film for a very long time, and now that CGI and technical wizardry have come so far, I can finally realize my dream,"

The film will be based around the story that inspired the ballet, and will see the Nutcracker doll passed to Elle Fanning's character in the 1920's from Nathan Lane's character. John Turturro is set to play the evil Mouse King.

I have to say that I'm not that familiar with the story, and I've never seen the ballet, but the cast and crew on this make it sound as though it could be an interesting musical. Does it grab anyone else's interest?



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