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Old news, Johansson still is Mary Queen of Scots

ScarlettJohansson.jpg28th September 2006 "Johansson as Scottish Queen". Yes back then we were talking about Scarlett Johansson playing Mary Queen of Scots, and now everyone's shouting about it.

Relativity, who just announced the Tom Clancy films, have signed the deal to bring the Jimmy McGovern written story to the big screen, John Curran is directing. Curran previously directed the remake of The Painted Veil.

The producers gave us little, but did say that Mary Queen of Scots would...

"...battle political enemies, scheming allies, and affairs of the heart in her quest to reunite the warring tribes of her native Scotland."

Well there you have it. Back then I wrote about how I think there might just be an annoying sticking point for the Scottish audiences, the fact that Scarlett Johansson isn't Scottish and that there's plenty of Scottish talent that could have tackled the part.



She has to work hard to get the accent too. Much as I like Scarlett, I am still rooting for a local talent to play the Queen of Scots.


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