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Order of the Phoenix and Captivity sites and trailers online

Captivity.jpgThe sites for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Captivity have both gone live today, and both films carry trailers. Note that the Captivity site has a new trailer that we've not seen before.

The Harry Potter site through Coming soon isn't complete by a long shot, but it does have quite a lot to explore, and it's nicely laid out so that you are encouraged to look around the site. What's more it also has a very cool game which you can see over the page.

The Captivity site through Bloody Disgusting is pretty far removed from Harry Potter, but the site is similar in feel and has an experience option for you to find more clips of the film, so wherever you are in the site, find the icon and you can get yourself an extra clip. There's even a game on the site, although it is kind of tasteless it's still fun!

Both sites are interesting to explore, and a step up from some of the sites we're usually subjected to which are page turners.



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