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Pacino and De Niro together, so?

RobertDeNiro.jpgAl Pacino and Robert De Niro are teaming up together again. That's the news. Should we all be leaping up and down because of that announcement alone? I hardly think so, especially if we take time to look at the projects in their recent past, and particularly that of De Niro.

I can't help but feel that De Niro will be getting a helping hand back up in his career from that of Pacino since De Niro has been delivering quite a few lackluster comic performances of late.

According to Variety this film, unlike that of Heat, will see both actors on screen together for most of the film, not just two scenes. They will play cops, both on the same side this time it would seem, who are chasing a serial killer. The film is titled Righteous Kill and comes from the writer of Inside Man (Filmstalker review), Russell Gewirtz.

Now I am actually excited to see these two actors on screen together, to see them play off each other, and to see Robert De Niro come back to a dramatic part. What I'm hoping is that we see De Niro spurred on by Al Pacino to give a strong performance rather than the average ones we've been seeing.

Yet announcing these two names doesn't command the respect and attention that they used to, at least not for me.

As an aside, Gewirtz is writing the Inside Man sequel as well as the Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Brett Ratner film.



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