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Paisley denies involvement in biographical films

IanPaisley.jpgIan Paisley has categorically denied that he's involved in a film based on his life, and he says that he's not flattered by the suggestions that there are now two filmmakers trying to make a film about him.

Previously I had the story from the BBC that the Irish writer Gary Mitchell had been asked to write a script by the Paisley family, and Mitchell even provided a nice comment to say that it was a tremendous opportunity.

Now the story from the BBC tells us that there's a second film in the works, well according to the PR machine anyway.

Holywood Productions in County Down has announced that another Belfast writer has been drafted in to write a script for a biographical film. Graham Reid is the writer involved in this version, a man who has written some powerful and popular plays.

According to the story both the Northern Ireland Film Commission and the Irish Film Board have approved this production and are providing funding.

Now though Paisely has spoken out, and he doesn't make it seem like there will be an official approval from the films from himself.

"I am sure the people who want to make these movies are trying to catch the public eye...I'm not flattered by this at all."

So although the films are going ahead, I wouldn't expect the approved story of Ian Paisley for some time.



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