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Paying to be a Sniper in Serbia

The Tourist is the tentative title for a new film from the Russian director Aleksei Sidorov which has an extremely intriguing plot line akin to the Hostel idea.

The story idea is that people can pay to travel to war zones and act out their computer fantasies for real by playing at snipers, although the playing aspect is pretty much gone.

The script comes from Tom Petch who is an ex elite forces Soldier who moved onto directing commercials and now writing very interesting stories. He's basing some of the story on his own experiences in Serbia, presumably not with actually shooting people in a similar scenario.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter sounds interesting, and tells us that the main production company behind the film also have a title called All My Loving to be directed by Richard Standeven. The story is about an Indian Beatles tribute band who travel to Liverpool's Matthew Street Festival, and that too sounds interesting, just for very different reasons!



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