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Pirates crew to develop The Lone Ranger?

LoneRanger-Tonto.jpgThe team who brought us the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and made Pirates cool again are turning their hand to another not so successful genre in Hollywood, westerns, and with that we're possibly set to see the return of The Lone Ranger.

Although the usual pesky sources are the ones coming out with this rumour and there's nothing else said about it, Collider think that it's a really strong possibility.

With the writers Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio, and possibly a return of Gore Verbinski to the team, we could be seeing a reinvention of a story for a modern audience, and in a way that could work.

The Lone Ranger is a story about the last Texas Ranger who was badly wounded, found by a native Indian, and nursed back to health. That Indian, Tonto, became his friend and they ride together righting wrongs. The reason they can keep this up is also the source of his silver bullets, they have a silver mine which they use to keep them supplied.

It would be interesting to see a modern take on this story, and to see if it would work. Well they made a pirate story work, and one that was just based on a theme park ride, so maybe they could do this…If it is a real story of course. I'm not so sure if it is anything more than some clever use of marketing on part three release day.



This was tried once before. It bombed. Partly because they pissed off all the baby boomers who would have taken their kids to see it. Remember they sued Clayton Moore to make him take off his mask. He had to wear wrap around sunglasses.


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