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Pirates of the Caribbean to spawn spin offs?

POTC-WorldsEnd_Poster.jpgPirates of the Caribbean might finish after the trilogy, or it might continue, but with Gore Verbinski looking like he might be out and the cast getting more expensive, it seems it might well go the way of X-Men and turn to the cheaper spin offs, especially if Jerry Bruckheimer has his way.

According to The Herald Sun though Moviehole and Cinema Blend, Bruckheimer has been talking about doing just that, and Geoffrey Rush is keen on the idea too, saying that it could go on even without Johnny Depp. That said though Depp is keen to stay on.

You have to think though, the cost of these actors is high, if not still rising, and even though there are healthy profits coming in the dream team won't hang around for ever. The pressure to keep big blockbusters up is huge, and looking to spin offs is a way to keep the fanbase going for a fraction of the costs.

So it would seem like a sensible idea wouldn't it?



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