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Plane Dead / Flight of the Living Dead

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I didn't really have high hopes for this film, so when I decided to go and see it there was a part of me that thought I would end up liking it, after all it's Zombies on a Plane, or as the original title read before Universal destroyed it Plane Dead.

For some reason the executives thought it best to call it Flight of the Living Dead, and slap on some stupid post title as well, although there were so many words to read on screen at that point and it flew by so quickly, I have no idea what it said.

Oh, and this was the first showing of the film in the UK. Premiere it is then. I saw it last week, that's before the so called premiere tonight down in London.

PlaneDead.jpgIt starts out well, the effects look great and the atmosphere was good. There's an obvious tongue in cheek factor to the film right from the beginning, and that self depreciating aspect is something that I thought was a good sign for the rest of the film.

The characters are pretty much your standard disaster film characters, the cop transporting the criminal, the retiring pilot on his last flight, the young lovers, and yes there's even a Nun in there, but there are some exceptions.

The best is perhaps the golfer who seems to be carrying his driver with him onboard the plane, oh yes, that will come in handy later on. It's a comic moment when his wife shuts him off and he turns to polish the head of his club.

There are quite a few of these setups early on, bringing in characters and situations and lining them up for payoffs later on in the film. It's cleverly setup.

However the first half does spend too much time on the disaster movie setup, although the references to Airport and Airplane are great, this is after all a Zombie film. So after the initial laughter at the standard disaster characters, it gets tiring and stale. In fact it spends far too long in the opening.

There's a point where you think the film might pick up again though, when the Zombie is first seen there's a feeling that this is going to be slightly different, like 28 whatever's Later, they seem to be handling the Zombie idea slightly differently.

Yet after this moment it goes straight into standard Zombie fare and standard horror characters. There are loads of "let's go into the basement one by one" moments, and it does get a bit tiresome.

Apart from the opening and the first Zombie appearance, the rest of the film is pretty dull, that is until the final action sequences. Mostly because the setups have been so good we get treated to some excellent pay offs, particularly with that golf club, which provides some great laughs. Oh, and the Nun does get it.

The payoffs aren't in the plane alone, as when the Government send a plane to shoot the airliner down there's a great moment that manages to get the fighter out of the equation.

Still, when we get close to the ending you can see the twist from a mile away, in fact it's painfully obvious.

All in all the film plays on a tired joke for too long, even if they are utilising many of the disaster movie stereotypes. The film would either have been better as a short, or if it spent some time doing something a little different with the Zombie genre.

It doesn't and didn't though, and although we have some fun moments and performances, the middle section of the film is quite dull and weak.

Overall I wouldn't recommend it, and it's just more of the same from a couple of genres pulled together, disaster and Zombie. I'd quite happily have missed this for some more sleep.

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Dead by Dawn Horror Festival



Quite surprised that you say that, I quite enjoyed it .. :) I'll be posting later .. I've just seen this & 3 Anime's in an all nighter ... Going to get some sleep now.

While I do want to see this movie I don't have high expectations at all. What you've said in your review is pretty much what I would have expected. I'll watch it because it's a zombie film and I have a soft spot for the oozing undead. hehe

I love everything about this. This movie is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. You take dry crappy peanut butter, crappy chocolate, put them together, and somehow get a delicious candy treat.

Flight of the Living Dead combines a rip-off premise, bad writing, directing, acting and special effects and combines them into what will undoubtedly be a delicious movie treat.

I am a huge zombie movie fan and I am shocked so many people enjoyed this movie. I think it was the biggest pile of shit ever created.


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