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Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD trailer

OrderofthePheonix_Poster.jpgI'm not so sure if I've seen this trailer before, well a similar cut but this one for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix appears to have a few extra shots in it (I might just be very tired!), and a bag load of effects. Not only that but it's in Quicktime and has an High Definition trailer too.

I like it a lot. It really is coming into a class of its own and leaving behind the childish side I really didn't like that much, oh and I do appreciate that it appealed to the kids. This one though is darker and looks much tougher than the rest. I'm definitely going to be seeing this one in the cinema without being pushed.

You can see the trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix over at Apple Trailers [QT:L:480p:720p:1080p].

Looks pretty damn good, and finally Potter is stepping up. Before I've never felt he had it in him.



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